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Buy the best Amazonian Mushrooms in Canada

The Amazonian is the perfect psilocybin mushroom for an intense visual trip with close friends. When looking at various sites, you will notice that the Amazonian generate some of the most positive experiences.

Buy Amazonian Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms Online

The Amazonian is the perfect psilocybin mushroom for an intense visual trip with close friends. When looking at various sites, you will notice that the PES Amazonian generates some of the most positive experiences.

Experienced shroomers have titled this gift of nature as a versatile cubensis – great for all situations and occasions.

The Amazonians are known for their big and meaty toad. You can expect big and fleshy mushrooms with an average height of over six inches, with some even hitting 12 inches. The mushrooms grow around, chestnut brown, sometimes scaled caps.

The caps often have pronounced nipple in the center and its diameter can go from one to two inches with convex surfaces when it matures. When they start to form, the cap color is dark red and as it matures, the dark red will only remain in the middle of the cap.

They are known to form very interesting and exotic shapes, truly living up to its name – Pacific Exotica Spora Amazonia




3 reviews for Amazonian | Psilocybin Magic Mushroom

  1. John Chamberlain

    From the ordering, to the delivery, the packaging, and the actual shrooms. Everything was just perfect.

  2. Sonny Dennison

    I don’t wanna say perfect but that seems like the only word that goes with the experience that I had with these shrooms.

  3. Kathleen Ayers

    I have eaten a ton of mushrooms over the duration of 10 years and these were the best I have ever had! I took about 2.5gram in tea and my eyes were opening and shutting with visuals. At the point when the fractals kicked in felt like a snake folding over me. Very solid stuff, I ate 4.5 grams and I was stumbling hard and cherishing it.

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