White Rabbit Magic Mushrooms (Premium)

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From mind-bending visuals to introspective awareness, White Rabbit Mushrooms are the ultimate shroom experience. If you’ve been searching for an authentic psychonaut experience — now’s your chance! With an appearance to match its name, White Rabbit magic mushrooms take the best of both worlds by having incredible potency, effects, and looks. It is a strain that is intensely visual, euphoric, and has a noticeable spiritual aspect.



2 reviews for White Rabbit Magic Mushrooms (Premium)

  1. Maria Riding

    Best trip I’ve ever had and my girlfriend also said the same thing. Super heavy in the visuals felt, close your eyes and writhe around type visions. Comes and goes in heavy waves. Highly recommend

  2. Daniel Roseman

    are fuckeddd, about an hour in the trip got hit with pure euphoria with strong visuals haven’t had an experience with those type of visuals. I recommend this strain for anyone trying to have a good time.

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